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To Register a Private Limited Company in India, you have to fulfill the following requirements:
Minimum 2 Members.
Minimum capital for the Company should be Rs. 1,00,000/-
Members should have valid individual proofs and identity.
A valid address proof for your registered office address.
Apart from this a Private Limited Company should be properly named. Name of a company has a vital role, it should be unique and have to reflect the business of the company.
Name of a Company contains two parts- Prefix and Suffix. The Prefix should be unique and Suffix has to reflect your company’s main business nature. Check with MCA website to find you name availability, click here.
To Incorporate a Private Limited Company, kindly follow the below four simple steps:
Step 1: Obtain DSC and DIN
To get started with formation of private limited company, you need to get a DSC- Digital Signature Certificate and once obtaining DSC you need to apply for DIN i.e Director Identification Number. This DIN is a unique eight number allotted to the respective Directors of the Private Company. You have to file an e-form DIR-3 to get an DIN, to download the necessary form click here.
Step 2: Name Reservation
For a Private Limited Company you have to apply with six names to the Registrar of Companies i.e. RoC and any one name from the six would be approved. Name has to be applied through Form INC-1 along with the prescribed fee. To know your fee, click here.
Step 3: Submission of Legal Documents
After the allotment of name, in order to complete the process of company registration, you need to draft MOA, AOA and other legal documents, which has to be submitted along with valid registered office address proof. If you don’t have the proof during incorporation, you can submit after incorporation but within 30 days from the date of receipt of Certificate of Incorporation.
When all the necessary documents are being submitted to the Registrar of Companies, the RoC after verification of documents would issue the Certificate of Incorporation.
The Incorporation is over after the receipt of Certificate from the Registrar of Companies, but Private limited Companies needs to follow certain Post incorporation compliance which is mandatory.
The post incorporation compliance would be as following:
File form for Commencement of Business.
Registered Office address of the Company.
Appointment of Auditor for your company.
Maintenance of Statutory Registers and records.
Convening First Board Meeting and recording it in Minutes Books of the Company.
Apart from this a Private company has to file the Annual returns to the RoC annually without fail. If you need assistance for the above you can avail our retainer services or if you need more information you can check our Start-up tool kit.
To understand the private limited company procedural aspects of same in easy manner, check out our infographics.

If you have any doubts kindly get in touch with us by filing a simple form given in this page http://www.companyformationindia.com/contact-us.html . Our team member would contact you within short span of time to answer your doubts.

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